I am, first of all, mom of 3 kids and a happy wife. I’m a business woman, attorney at law.  Since I lost 70 pounds, I decided to advocate for others.  I have a system that can help people losing weight, knowing how to eat to get fit and healthy, from home.


Jessica Campos (born on July 26, 1977 in Guayama, PR).

BBA in Accounting from University of Puerto Rico, 1998.  JD from Ponce Law School, 2001.  Admitted to Bar in Puerto Rico in 2002. Founder of Campos & Associates Law Offices (2005).  Experienced attorney in real estate law, banking law, construction, litigation, among other complex civil litigation.  In our Firm we take proud of represent builders and developers that have contributes to many developments in Puerto Rico.

Independent Coach for Beachbody (2009), achieving the rank of 15 Stars Diamond Coach on June 2012.


15 Star Diamond Coach, June 2012.

Personal Information

I take proud of my transformation story with P90x.  I got to size 2 of clothes, from size 13!  My transformation story has inspired many people to achieve their fitness goals.  Before P90X I tried everything. I was one of those women who always was dieting. It was the “never ending story”.  Among all of my previous commitments -long working hours, 3 kids, a house to keep- I always find time to do my workouts everyday.

Now that I found something that really works, I am confident that I will get in my best shape ever. That’s what I want to share with YOU. 

Personal Interests

Jessica Campos is a 15 Stars Diamond Coach which is the highest rank in the organization. She developed a system that has helped many of her customers to convert their passion into a real business.  She is also the pioneer of the Hispanic Market of Beachbody, expanding the opportunity to Puerto Rico and other Spanish Speaking Cities in the Nation.

Jessica Campos is currently assisting to several master mindset trainings in order to achieve her goals of helping millions of people that are suffering from obesity and its side effects.

Other activities

Business development, life coaching, metaphysics, fitness, strength training, yoga, nutrition, education, arts, blogging.






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