Hi there! I’m Jessica Campos, mother of 3 beautiful kids. I’m also an attorney, a business person, and I take care of my family working from home as well.

Watch this video to see how I lost 70 pounds and then got pregnant. You’ll see how I’ve done a second round of my transformation.
Thanks to P90x I’ve been able to:
  • Understand how to control my weight by eating healthy and working out.
  • Do things that I wasn’t able to do like running a 10K in less than 1 hour.
  • Participate in a 5K mud race! Yes it was fun!
  • Improve my self esteem by 100%
  • Recover my excitement for going shopping, take pictures of me and my family without hiding in the back!
  • Smile more to the world!
  • Express with confidence!
  • Get better relationships including business.  I noticed that when I was obese, I wasn’t that expressive with my relationships. I think it was due to my low self esteem and continuous frustration for not reaching my goal.
  • I am stronger both, physically and mentally.
  • I’ve been able to create a system that it’s so so so simple to follow!!! Oh my gosh! I just want that anyone can enjoy life as much ad I do now!

If you want results for sure, I can help you. If you want results like nothing else in the world, I’m super committed to stay accountable for you no matter what!

Ask me for my different coaching programs.



PS- I forgot to tell you that thanks to P90x, I quit my law practice to be free of stress and be fully dedicated to help people like you, in particular in the hispanic communities.


One response to “JESSICA WITH P90X & INSANITY

  1. tengo dos hijos lo cual me consumen la mayoria del tiempo tengo mucha pipita y he aunmentafo un poco de peso kisiera rebajar tanto la pipa cono los brazos mas bn tonificar. gracias

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