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Your commitment starts here! With this survey you can find what’s the best fitness program for you!

Write your name and email by clicking===> HERE.

Remember, the way that you do one thing is how you do everything.  Please grab a sheet of paper or open a note in your device, because you need to write down your answers.

Please go to the link that says Click here for the survey.  A new window will open.  Complete my survey. Come back with your results and I will tell you my opinion of what’s the best program for you.  A very important message: this is just my advice. I’m not trying to compete with any other coach but this is the criteria that I’ve used to help thousands of people. I’m sure that I can help you too!

Ready? Click here for the survey

How to read your results:

If your answered A to 5 or more questions:


Slim in 6 is the best option for you.  I just love this program because you will be able to start at your own level.  Even if you’re a teacher, you will love the options that this program has for you.


Let’s just get things simple.  Let’s start with Power 90.  This is how Tony Horton started. A boot camp at home, 90 days, challenging but doable.

If you think that you’re special and don’t  want to do exercises, you can explore the Ultimate Reset, which is the cleanse diet for 21 days.

If your answered B to 5 or more questions:


TurboJam or Hip Hop Abs. 10 Minutes Trainer- only if you’re too busy to workout 45 minutes!


RevAbs, Power90, 10 Minutes Trainer.

Both of you! Hey! If you answered “I do whatever it takes to get faster results” to any, then you should consider TurboFire, LesMills Pump, or P90x.

If your answered C to 5 or more questions:


TurboFire or LesMills Pump.  If you answered “I do whatever it takes to get faster results” then let’s take you to Insanity or P90x if you want to use weights!


P90x, P90x2, Insanity or LesMills Pump.  if you answered “I do whatever it takes to get faster results” to any and also want to bulk up, then you should pick Body Beast.

Now, what do we do?  You know the program that can get you in shape. How about the Beachbody Shake? I highly recommend it. I use it for breakfast and sometimes for dinner as well.  You can get a bundle package so explore that option as well.  That’s what Beachbody calls “a challenge pack”.

Finally, my website provides you with all that you need! So, from here, you will be able to purchase the applicable program.  Please write me a note so we can add you in our accountability group!

Looking forward to hear from you. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive my free gift!




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