How long have you been advocating for the awareness of entrepreneurship amongst women and how did you become a mentor?

To answer this question better, it is better to share with you a moment I will never forget. I will describe to you a moment that gave me the tools that I share with you today on my system.

In 2002 I went through a family crisis that drastically altered the plan I had. I lost my dream of starting a family with a man who at the time was the only love that I had ever had. We had made a pact to be married after spending more than 12 years together. I still remember it was a Tuesday afternoon when he asked me to give me to speak about something that I did not want to hear. I think we all know what that means in the dictionary of life. I had two choices: Become depressed or accept it and move forward and find the reasons and navigate the stormy waters. I opted for the former. I decided to take my courage and continue towards my way, with my 3 year old daughter.

2002 marked my life forever. I had to start a new chapter of my life as a single mother. Not only did I debut as a single mother, but it was my first year practicing law. The endless hours of work at the office and away from home that I spent did not prove to be a good example to my daughter and I knew it.

After raising the first $ 1 million in revenue, have a solid practice with trusted employees, stable relationships and ongoing projects it was time to devote my energies to other baskets of my life. It was time to give me the opportunity to work on my relationships and regain my goal of having a real family. At that time I had put many hours in my career and it was time to devote my time as a person.

I was always trying to look better. I had tried everything, including expensive and dangerous cosmetic procedures. During the pregnancy of my second child, I gained over 80 pounds. I needed to do something different. This time I succeeded. I went from size 14 to size 2 and lost 70 pounds. I reached my best shape ever. It was a process that lasted 13 months and helped me as a person. Such was the perfection of the transformation process, that I became pregnant again and  I needed to apply the same principles, I recovered.

Helping others has always been my calling. During the transformation process  I decided to gather as much information that I could in order to disclose it to millions of people, so that they can accomplish the same thing. Although I fully wanted to start working on my nutrition business, my practice as a lawyer and my duties as a mother and wife would not let me.

One day I woke up thinking I needed a new challenge. I checked which things I could delegate to my office. I studied the opportunity to diversify my practice developing a nutrition business and  I decided it was time to make a drastic decision.  At that time I had success with my nutrition business, but did not take it as my priorities.

I remembered that day when I decided to quit my first job as a lawyer to go home to spend more time with my daughter. I decided that I would dedicate to being a mother full time and  to developing my nutrition business from home.

I’m a leader of a group of coaches that are committed with helping others. I’m not going to tell you anything about me as a coach, just read  what Beachbody’s VP of Sales, Jeff Hill, said about me when I participated as a speaker of the Beachbody National Call.

This morning, we have Jessica Campos who is a 15 Star Diamond Coach. Jessica is from Trumbull, Connecticut, but her heart, and her business is in Puerto Rico. She started in Team Beachbody in November 2009. She is currently in the Top 10 ranking Elite. Which means, of course, that is on track to be one of the Elite 10 and go to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has been in the Top 5 team advancements for 6 months this year. She was the top success club earner in July and won the trip to Disney for her family. She has been in Success Club for consecutive sixteen months. She has sponsored 100 coaches from last year, that’s an example of what it is to invite, inviting and inviting.

She has set many goals, has focused on them and achieved great things. She qualified to participate in the trip to Atlantis and currently has 17 Diamonds in her Team.

She has sold 72 Challenge Packs during the last 11 months. That is pretty amazing!

Who are your customers?

I work mostly with women, who identify with my story of transformation. I offer them the tools to identify what they want to do with their future. I show them that living in the present, developing their identities as entrepreneurs, identifying the perfect market to align your passion with your business will enable you to become a powerful businesswomen. My clients are in constant search for solutions and are an excellent team.

How is Jessica Campos unlike other Beachbody Coaches?

In the past I eliminated the practice of family law because it drained me. Similarly, as a Beachbody Coach, I do not work with just anyone. I only work with people who are great team players. These are people who are determined to live life with purpose. People that have accepted the calling of help others. That’s why I have a team of true leaders.I also provide a lot of value into every relationship, so we get more out of our connection.

What kind of personality does Jessica Campos seek and how do I know if I can belong to your team?

My business academy was created for people who are eager to succeed. People who have come to the conclusion that there is no time to lose. People that really want to win. Real leaders who need only to network with other leaders who share the same vision. We have designed the system so you get even faster results.

If you choose to accept me as your leader, you must be willing to take action immediately, with a No Matter What attitude. I do not accept excuses, only results.

What kind of personality can Jessica Campos not have as their Coach?

Please do not take it personally, but if you are a person who thinks everything goes wrong, who spends most of your time changing what you want, and get desperate if you do not see results in 30 days, it’s not fair that I’m your Coach.

If you fall into any of these categories, you need to look for a regular job so you can generate savings and then afford a life coach. Still, I can accept you as a contact and you can read all my tips. When you’re ready to accept the challenge, then we will begin. Remember that this is about your goals, not mine.

What exactly is provided at the Academy of women entrepreneurs?

1) Identify how to find time in your schedule so that your business is your priority.

2) We create strategies to give you an advantage over others who offer the same services in the market.

3) We design the profile of your ideal client.

4) We prepare the message to attract the customers you need.

5) Redesign what you have done with your business, that you may come away with results, without having to start over.

6) You will carry all the tools that will serve to immediately to implement the system of attracting customers.

7) You will connect with successful entrepreneurs. You will begin to interact with people who appreciate your talent and create new opportunities.

8) We create partnerships with our customers, so that all the resources you need are in one place on our team. We create a unique and powerful synergy among our customers.

9) You will master all of the sales techniques you need to do business at once. You will learn how to communicate with the right words at the right time and to achieve the results that you want.

10) We measure your results and provide to you the tools to take your business to another level.

To quote one of my favorite mentors, our beloved Michael Santo Domingo, “success is inevitable.”

If you think that I can help you transforming your life, please fill this form and contact me for an interview.


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